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We can review all the services and courses that we offer through the following sections

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Kingdom of Doctors Center for Health Training and Development CME / CPD

Learn more about the exclusive courses that CME / CPD specializes in, whose trainers are carefully selected to achieve the best results

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Life Support Training Center

The center aims to provide trainees with basic and advanced life support experience and skills in first aid and CPR operations to treat patients of all ages.

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Training, consulting and qualification services to ensure the quality of accreditation for health facilities

We seek, through training, consulting and qualification, to achieve accreditation for health facilities, to accredit the Saudi Center for Accreditation of Health Facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia within the methodology of standards for evaluation visits, training and rehabilitation of health facilities.
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Emergency Medical Training Center (EMS)

The center offers specialized courses in emergency medicine for education and training in providing emergency care in the pre-hospital stage and offers various courses for emergency medical service providers of all levels.

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Electronic Medical Education Center

The center aims to raise the level of skills and knowledge of the trainees and allows them to continuously develop and refine scientific functional skills and learn about developments in health specialties while not neglecting their acquisition of communication skills as well as raising the level of job satisfaction while increasing harmony, communication and confidence to better invest in the rehabilitation of human and financial resources of health cadres to save time Effort and money through e-learning services.

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Communication and community education services

The initiatives of the Kingdom of Physicians and its keenness to contribute to and societal responsibility towards this dear country and to support the various sectors of the state, whether governmental or private, in developing and developing health awareness in terms of service and social responsibility, which seeks diligently to contribute to raising the level of health education, awareness and training.

Allied Clinical Facilities

Why Kingdom of Doctors?

The Kingdom of Doctors for Health Consultations is licensed by the Ministry of Commerce to provide health consultations and the Kingdom of Doctors Center for Health Training and Development is a specialized and accredited center by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in the field of training and health rehabilitation for health practitioners and granting certificates and has a set of the latest training activities, including courses, programs, workshops, conferences and forums Medical and health ...




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