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About The Kingdom Of Doctors

Since the Kingdom of Doctors for Health Consultation was established in 1436 AH under the Commercial Registration No. 1010433565, and the license to practice the profession of health consulting No. 13174. She has put in mind the importance of openness to the world and the transfer of its scientific, medical and health expertise and experiences in various disciplines to the world of the Kingdom of Doctors.

We strive to be the pioneers in the training and continuous professional medical development industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf, by providing development and rehabilitation training courses and programs. As part of the strategic plan to legalize services and institutionalize them based on the legislative regulations and laws from the competent authorities, the Kingdom of Doctors Center for Health Training and Development in Jeddah was established to be the nucleus of the portal for excellence in the quality of training and continuing professional education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf.

Our aim is to raise the level of professional effectiveness, improve and raise the level of technical and administrative performance expected after providing training courses and programs for all functional and educational levels in various health, technical and administrative specializations, as students, health workers and practitioners benefit from all health specialties in private and government health care facilities, as well as to develop and develop resources And the training human competencies and creative topics in the Kingdom of Physicians Center for Health Training and Development, and we have also been keen to enhance the technical and administrative skills distinguished in modern knowledge, adopting an organized training strategy that adopts the scientific approach based on evidence, and we adhere to scientific standards to measure the impact of training for the training programs provided.

In the belief of the Kingdom of Physicians in the necessity of selecting trainers with competence and experience to provide and provide the best activities, courses, programs and topics in the field of training, development and human development, and out of our concern for the importance of the quality of services provided, the scientific and training committees conduct a study and survey of the needs of the medical and health educational sector and the health practitioners sector to achieve more coherence and coordination Among them, the way to do that is to create and activate communication links with health and medical institutions, universities, medical and administrative training centers with experience in the fields of training work and to keep pace with the movement of progress in the field of training and human development and to facilitate access to knowledge and experience for those wishing to develop and self-development to the knowledge they seek. Skill and experience.

Our vision

The leading center in filling the knowledge needs with training and educational skills and knowledge and refining them in the health field in the Arab region

Our Mission

Excellence and advancement in the quality of continuing professional education (CPD), advisory and training services for health facilities, according to local and international accreditation standards, community participation, preparation and preparation for postgraduate studies, training and local and international medical health suitability.

Our goals

The development of scientific thought for continuous professional education in the health and medical fields and the development of the scientific, professional and skillful performance of the trainees

Providing opportunities for all practitioners, interested persons and trainees in the health and medical fields to contribute to the scientific and professional progress movement to raise efficiency and provide the necessary skills.

Transferring medical and health scientific production and scientific and professional ideas in all fields of interest inside and outside the Kingdom

Providing advice and carrying out studies and consultations in all medical and health fields in various medical facilities, institutions and bodies.

Contribute to raising the level of general health awareness among the public through community participation.

Training and education on conducting scientific research in the medical and health fields and related knowledge and encouragement to conduct them, and assisting in disseminating, distributing and exchanging the results of this research with the concerned bodies and organizations.

Developing auxiliary programs to qualify and train technical assistants in the medical and health fields to contribute to the national transformation program to localize auxiliary and support jobs with qualified competencies and skills.

Providing advice, technical consultations, training and qualification for accreditation of various health facilities with regard to health practices, activities and procedures

Participation in local and international exhibitions and seminars.

Why Kingdom of Doctors?

Our certificates are certified

Our certificates are accredited in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. The Kingdom of Doctors Center for Health Training and Development is accredited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. In addition, all training activities in the field of health and medicine are provided by highly qualified trainers with the highest qualifications and experiences in various medical and health specialties, based on the latest developments in medical science and technology.


At Doctors Kingdom Center for Health Training and Development, we provide the best value in medical training and courses. Upon completion of the training, you can feel comfortable with the knowledge to put these concepts into practice. You can also be confident that you have made a reasonable financial decision. We provide high quality training materials.

Continuous improvement

The end of medical studies does not mean the end of learning. On the contrary, with us we provide you with the basics for more knowledge and skills to enhance your knowledge, skills and experiences through continuous professional development programs and activities.

The quality

At the Kingdom of Doctors Center for Health Training and Development, we provide the latest technologies, training materials and developments gathered from the latest training documents and expert consensus. And the importance of training on basic and advanced life saving ways to support life. You must choose the course that will prepare you for real working life.